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The 1:18 Scale replica of this model is an exceptional collector’s piece. Produced in sealed body resin the first thing you notice upon inspection is its significant quality of craftsmanship. The body lines are beautifully replicated on this model given the way it has been produced with the door gaps and joins between the panels looking as realistic as possible. The model includes a number of very nice features including the badge work, metal etched grille in the front bumper assembly along with the metal etched side vent, and the new wheels are presented extremely well.

Despite being a sealed body model, no shortcuts have been taken with replicating the interior of this model. Upon looking through the clear windows you can see a very high attention to detail right down to the dashboard instrumentation and logos. Last but not least, the Perfect Blue colour scheme simply looks phenomenal and finishes the model superbly well.

The 1:18 Scale Gen-F Clubsport R8 is a must have model for any HSV fan, It will be produced in a limited edition number and will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, don’t miss it.

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